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The VirusSeq Data Portal regularly releases submitted data. Each release bundle contains 2 files: a TSV file containing all submitted metadata as of that release date-time, as well as a FASTA file containing all the corresponding sequences. The latest release is available in the data explorer.

The counts for changes (e.g. "# Updated") are dynamically calculated to indicate how the data evolves over time. While they're are generally accurate, they may be slightly off in rare scenarios, such as when changes happen while a new release archive is being created. Furthermore, in the event of a data schema update, these numbers will reflect the total sample count (or most of it).

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VirusSeq Data Portal Publication Policy

The CanCOGen VirusSeq project requests that authors who use data from the portal acknowledge the contributions of Canadian researchers in the acknowledgements section of their work. Authors are encouraged to recognize the contributions of the appropriate specimens and research groups based on the datasets used in their research.

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